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Annual Grammar Schools Conference: Post-event resources

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Welcome to the post-event page for the Grammar Schools conference 2015. Here you will find more information about grit and perseverance to help you on your way. 

Many of you enjoyed the Getting better at Perseverance session with Steve Watson. You can download his powerpoint here:

progression workshop presentation

More about the subject matter

Here are a couple of resources to refresh you.

 Up to speed with Building Learning Power

If you haven’t come across Building Learning Power before take a couple of minutes to capture the essence of what learning power is all about through this video.

Up to speed on Grit and Perseverance

Getting Gritty With It: A paper from the Wellington Learning and Research Centre about how ‘gritty students cultivate effective learning strategies and dispositions’.

Sorting out Resilience, Perseverance and Grit: the most recent blog from Maryl Chambers, exploring the nature of these competencies, why they are important, and what the challenges are of building them in students.

Demos Character Nation report

A report in which thinktank Demos provides a series of policy recommendations to ensure that character development is embedded across the education system. Preseverance, grit, and resilience feature prominently in the character development agenda. Take a look here

What else is out there?

Grit certainly is trending in the education sector at the moment – TED talks and DfE awards abound. We should not allow its current trendiness to draw us away from the fact that perseverance, as distinct from ‘grit’, is in fact one of the founding skills of a good learner. ‘Grit’ speaks to an inherent character trait – you’ve either got it or you haven’t. Perseverance, on the other hand, is the performance of grittiness: when we encourage students to persevere, they grow to be better able to face challenge and difficulty both in their learning and in the wider world.

About the speakers

Professor Guy Claxtonguy claxton

– BLP Programme Consultant, and chief inspiration

Guy Claxton, MA (Cantab), DPhil (Oxon), FBPsS is emeritus Professor of the Learning Sciences at the University of Winchester, a post he took up in September 2008 together with the role of Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CrL).

He previously held the same title at the University of Bristol Graduate School of Education. He has a ‘double first’ from Cambridge and a DPhil from Oxford, and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society of Arts, and an Academician of the Academy of the Social Sciences.

Graham Powell

Director and Principal ConsultantGraham_Powel circle

Graham Powell has been Principal Consultant with TLO since 2000. Previously, he was headteacher of a large comprehensive school in Wiltshire, senior secondary inspector with Gloucestershire LEA and has held posts of responsibility at all levels within comprehensive schools. In recent years, he has established a widespread reputation for his work on coaching and the ways in which this essential leadership quality can radically improve schools at all levels. He is a distinctive trainer and speaker who is sought after throughout the U.K. for conferences, training events and seminars.

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