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BACK TO SCHOOL … embattled but resolute

Before you know it your students will be back at school, their parents relieved or reticent, staff apprehensive or enthusiastic. The playground will be noisy, even joyful, but everything will have changed. The children who left six months ago have grown up … and in more ways than one!

For some students school may be seen as a welcome relief while others may now be lacking the willingness to learn at all. Symptoms of stress… recklessness, anxiety, depression, self –doubt, will quickly show themselves and learning for many will have become a challenge; their Resilience a casualty of lockdown. Research shows that without resilience learning is impossible. But resilience is a frame of mind that can be re-energised and grown through engaging classroom cultures in the hands of thoughtful teachers.

Re-energising Your Learners’ Resilience

– an affordable on-line Learning recovery resource developed for teachers everywhere

Drawing from teachers who have worked on building their students’ resilience we offer this school-wide resource to help you re-energise, revive and develop your students’ emotional learning behaviours. The resource will help schools to:

  • take account of the fact that students will be in very different emotional conditions
  • ready learners to make accelerated progress as they recover from missed learning time
  • capture the culture of a motivational classroom
  • use a language that helps students to help themselves engage strongly in learning
  • ensure students’ learning becomes emotionally robust
  • build an expertise that is common to teachers throughout the school
  • embrace the findings of both academic and operational research
  • use the kit to support professional development activities throughout the year
  • achieve a lasting impact on classroom practice

Five questions answered

  1. How do you find the starting point for your students?
  2. Which of the 100+ practical ideas will best engage your students?
  3. How might you design a motivational culture to strengthen resilience in learning?
  4. What does the research actually tells us about aspects of resilience?
  5. What sort of teacher talk makes a difference?

What next?

If this Repair Kit hits the right note there are suggestions for ways of working on a wider range of students’ learning habits.

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