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Phase 1 – Making a start

This phase is concerned with making Learning Power a practical reality in your school.

At the heart of the core programmes lie maps of how pupils get better at learning and aim to set schools on a deep and secure journey of exploration.

The success of our core programmes depends on a genuine working partnership. Our contribution is to organise our learning research in schools into practical, do-able programmes that teachers and support staff can use to guide their changing practice. The school’s contribution is to have a real desire to enable the necessary culture change and support regular Professional Learning Team sessions. This offers staff time to discuss, share and plan learning enquiries on which to base changes in practice.

In this Making a Start phase we assist schools by offering:

  1. Blended core programmes
  2. Opportunities to observe learning power in action
  3. Coaching support days
  4. A range of supporting resources

The Blended Core Programmes

Building Better Learners core programmes are available for:

  • Single schools – schools new to learning power or schools that have dabbled with learning power and want to go further
  • Multi-Academy trusts or other groups of schools
  • For small, overseas or learning power proficient schools.

Guided by best practice thinking in professional development, these blended modular programmes support a consistent school-wide approach to developing pupils’ learning behaviours.

Supporting programmes

Supporting materials

Phase 2: Beyond the basics →

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