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Phase 2 – Beyond the basics

You have worked hard to introduce Building Learning Power into classrooms. Students are aware of the learning behaviours that they command, and classrooms are increasingly learning friendly. Teachers are consciously shifting responsibility towards learners, and learning itself is becoming the object of learning, of discussion, and of celebration. Students employ their positive learning behaviours more frequently than was previously the case, and in a wider range of contexts.

But questions remain – are they becoming better, more skilful at these learning behaviours ? Are they becoming better at asking questions ? Better at dealing with challenge ? Better at the cut and thrust of group work ? Better at managing their own learning ? Better at responding to and acting on feedback ? and so on.

And, moreover, what does becoming better, more skilful actually look like ? 

Putting the building into Building Learning Power is at the heart of this phase.

Now gathering pace, the development of a learning culture is further extended to secure a coaching approach to teaching, to broaden the language of learning to include progression, and to enable students to take responsibility for developing their own learning behaviours.

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