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Putting Reasoning into Maths

From: £180.00

An inspiring workshop filled with practical strategies to grow pupils’ reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Bradford, Friday 10th November 2017

Second and subsequent places each cost £120 (plus VAT)

The new mathematics curriculum has already caused a quiet revolution in how we teach maths. Your school may have sought help from countries overseas, bought in ready-made maths schemes or downloaded rich free maths activities from The White Rose Hub via TES. But despite these valiant efforts many teachers realise that there’s still a missing magic ingredient that seems to be eluding their practice. What’s the best way of blending reasoning into maths lessons fluently?

This workshop blends theory and practice to give a well-rounded experience of what reasoning and problem solving in mathematics might become. By looking at how reasoning and problem solving develop, and exploring different ways to talk about them, you will deepen your understanding of the knowledge, skills and learning habits that are instrumental to success in mathematics. Exploring what supports young mathematicians to acquire new skills and take on new challenges, you will learn to tap into your students’ existing learning behaviours and build these into habits. The aim is to transform your maths lessons by making more use of learning behaviours to help pupils to access and enjoy maths challenges.

As a result of this workshop participants will be inspired to:

  • review their current classroom practice
  • identify where rich new approaches could be trialled
  • monitor the impact of these changes and share their discoveries with colleagues.

Tutors: The day will be run by Leanne Day, our long time Learning Power consultant, and Matt Boyle, Assistant Head at Miriam Lord Primary School. Both have been blending reasoning into maths in their own classrooms. They will share practical, relevant, meaningful and fun activities with you so that you, and your pupils, can fill in that missing ingredient in your maths lessons.

People attending previous courses said:

‘It gave me lots of practical ideas to apply tomorrow, especially what sort of language I need to use to nudge my pupils.’

‘I now know how to allow children more independence in maths lessons – something I was scared of before.’

Outline Programme


Welcome & introduction

Leanne Day, Learning Power consultant at TLO, and Matt Boyle, Assistant Head at Miriam Lord Primary School


Getting to grips with Reasoning

What do we mean by ‘reasoning’,’problem solving’, and ‘fluency’?

Progression: A framework for progression in Reasoning

Unpacking the success criteria for Reasoning and developing a language for learning




 Visible Thinking Routines

Find out which Visible Thinking Routines will really enhance and embed Reasoning and problem solving in your maths lessons




Maths example unit

Ideas for your maths lessons to develop students’ learning power capacities alongside their mathematical skills. Exploring the Connect-Stretch-Transfer technique




Lesson planning

Discover how to weave learning behaviours for Reasoning and problem solving through your lesson plans






(This programme is provisional and may be subject to change)

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Wibsey Primary School,
North Road,


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