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Successful Futures for Wales Within Reach

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A free no obligation visit from one of our consultants so that you can discover the potential of our newest tool – the Effective Lifetime Learning Inventory (ELLI). It is designed to assess and track individuals’ learning power, and helps school leaders see how effectively learning power is being built in their schools, enabling them to direct and manage the process. 

You will receive free learning power profiles for 5 of your pupils – the starting point for nurturing them to become lifelong learners. Our consultant will also advise you of the best tools and courses to start your school on its journey to becoming a Learning Powered school.

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Building Learning Power

Helping young people become powerful learners

Tools and techniques to help schools and teachers strengthen, broaden and develop learners’ learning power. Researched and developed over the last 15 years, from online courses to strategic manuals, classroom posters to assessment frameworks, Building Learning Power has what you need to lead your learners into the 21st Century.

girl_edited-istock_000013790058_xxxlargeWhat is ELLI?

A powerful tool to assess and direct learning power

Research validated by over 100,000 users, ELLI profiles kick-start the learning journey. Coupled with Building Learning Power’s practical resources for implementing change, ELLI will show you how your learners are growing, where they are meeting their potential, and where effort could be better directed. 

What is Building Learning Power? 

 Special Offer: Successful Futures Resource Pack 

Keen to know more about how you can deliver the aims of Wales’ Successful Futures curriculum? This special offer resource pack contains: 

Successful Futures Resource Cards

Four handy cards which delve into the classroom activities and teaching techniques that will help you develop the Successful Futures promise of Ambitious Capable Learners, Ethical Informed Citizens, Enterprising Creative Contributors, and Healthy Confident Individuals. 

Successful Futures Online Support Pack

Access to 5 online learning units which offer more detail and practical examples to support the cards.



ELLI Handbook


See the impact that tracking and directing learners’ learning power can have on your school. Rich with case studies, this book will make you alive to the possibilities on offer when you begin to manage the progress of the learning journey.


Get all these great resources to ignite your learning power for only £25
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Online learning courses

Written by teachers for teachers to weave learning power into the fabric of your school

Comprehensive range

From individual online-only learning units to 12 month programmes with consultancy support, and everything between, there’s something for everyone.

Blended Programmes

Many of our online courses blend information for individuals to absorb on their own, with Professional Learning Team sessions for teams to compare, share and plan action.

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