Building Learning Power

  • Develops students’ portable learning habits
  • Prepares young people for a lifetime of learning
  • Enhances student progress and schools’ results



The learning power equation

Unlock learning behaviours

Talk the language of learning. Make the how of learning explicit. Grow high value learning characteristics.  

Learning fit.

Build learning habits

Create classroom cultures that cultivate the habits and attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners.

Culture shift. 

A powerful
learning character

All young people equipped with the learning habits AND  the qualifications to thrive in 21st Century.

Learners for Life.

The Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey map is designed to guide you through the process of Building Learning Power in your school. Find out where you and your school are on the journey, see the possibilities in what lies ahead, and get under way with your own learning adventure.

Let's go

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The members’ zone is a place where you can learn from and meet with others who are inspired by the impact of Building Learning Power. Here you will be able to:
  • discover what learning is really all about by reading thought-provoking articles and vibrant blogs
  • discuss the whys and wherefores with like-minded teachers and school leaders
  • learn how to develop your practice using our materials for use in classrooms and across school

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Take a sneaky peek at our online courses

Guided by the latest thinking in professional learning, our progressive modular programmes are designed to support teachers who are building learning power in their schools. The nature of the courses ensure that your school will start and stay on the right track. Each course has four stepping stone stages to ensure progress:
  • Step one encourages you to think deeply about the nature of learning using online material
  • Step two involves clarification and exploration of key concepts in a team session, guided by our session framework
  • Step three gives you the opportunity for real experimentation in the classroom, supported by a wealth of downloadable resources
  • Step four brings the process round in a group feedback session to review the results of the changes you have made to your practice and plan your next steps

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