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Expanding the capacity to learn


  • Why do we need to think differently about education?
  • What does research say about learning?
  • Is all this learning to learn just a throw back to the 1960’s?
  • Is there some important thinking going on … about learning?


  • Expanding the capacity to learn – Professor Guy Claxton
  • The paper was given as the keynote speech by Professor Guy Claxton to the British Educational Research Association conference in September 2006.
  • It offers a swift overview of why young people need to experience a deeper approach to learning in preparation for an increasingly complex life in the 21st Century.
  • Note especially the section entitled ‘So how might we do it?’, exploring and explaining the extent of educational change. It offers a sense of the scope of the issues and how they might be addressed.


  • What does this mean for my school, my subject, my teaching?
  • Would this be worth the effort for our students?
  • Which aspects of this paper really ‘spoke’ to me?
  • What needs to happen now…as a result of this new thinking

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