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Learning Power Heroes

We are built to learn by imitation

Through this kind of unconscious osmosis children learn the habits of language and culture into which they are born. This book shows how primary schools are capitalising on children’s powers of imitation to help them build strong foundations for their own learning lives. Full of practical ideas from schools for other schools to imitate.

Section 1: Creating a learning culture

Here we learn about how schools have used famous people, imaginary characters, family members and children themselves as learning heroes and grown their learning power culture.

Section 2: Learning Heroes in the curriculum

Here we find out how learning heroes have been incorporated into literacy, science, outdoor and cross curricular projects to explore imagination, raise confidence in maths and develop an awareness of their learning power.

Section 3: Learning Heroes who transform learning

Here we see how the headteacher, teachers, learning assistants and the children themselves take joyful, challenging and inspirational paths to take the practice of learning power forward.

….and we are treated to lots of little ideas for you to imitate.

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