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A new chapter for education in Wales

Bringing Learning out of the shadows


Ambitious Outcomes

New Methodologies

Inspired Supportive mechanisms


Playing a bigger educational game

Making classrooms learning friendly

Turning schools into Learning organisations


Ambitious outcomes

New Methodologies

Using the science of learning

The how as well as the what of learning

Inspired Supportive mechanisms

The school as a learning organisation

  • developing and sharing a vision centred on the learning of all students
  • creating and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff
  • promoting team learning and collaboration among all staff
  • establishing a culture of inquiry, innovation and exploration
  • embedding systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge and learning
  • learning with and from the external environment and larger learning system
  • modelling and growing learning leadership

In short

The hows

More hows

More hows







Building…Ambitious, Capable learners

Building…Enterprising, Creative contributors

Building…Ethical, Informed citizens

Building…Healthy, Confident individuals

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