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Learning Habits In a Nutshell: a self-coaching online programme for staff


Now you’re familiar with the theory and practice of what it means to be a Learning Powered School and you’ve had training to get you started – you’ll be asking: how do we maintain momentum and ensure impact?

This online programme will ensure you stay enthused, effective, and on the right track. It has been designed as a ‘guide-by-your-side’, with plenty of support material to help Learning Champions embed the twelve learning habits with their teams and across the school.

Focussed ‘Nutshell’ modules will coach staff to:

  • Identify learning habits in themselves and their students
  • Build  learning habits confidently into the way they teach
  • Nudge learning habits through talk and feedback
  • Change their perspective to put a deeper emphasis on learning

Through this programme students will:

  • Develop their learning habits to achieve a deeper understanding of content
  • Build the robust learning character that will be essential for a successful life beyond school
  • Understand how to be a successful learner (oh, by the way! This is a new Ofsted judgement for 2015).

Each of the Nutshell modules will enable you to:

  • Provide teachers with a bank of essential, practical, ‘how-to’ ideas
  • Encourage teams to get started with those habits that fit their curriculum areas
  • Add more learning habits to each subject team’s range as they gain in confidence.
  • Coach new members of staff in Learning Power
  • Encourage and enable ‘hard to reach’ teachers to adopt these approaches

Each Nutshell:

  • Lays out the features of a well-formed habit with key information about the characteristics of a well-formed habit
  • Offers quick wins through those easy tweaks to lessons and the classroom that bring immediate results
  • Includes lesson activities across a variety of subjects that nurture specific learning habits
  • Provides ideas for helping teachers to talk about specific habits with their students
  • Describes ways of creating climates within classrooms that are conducive to each learning habit
Samples of the activities within Nutshell modules

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