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Stepping Stones online programme


Deepen your approach to build your pupils’ learning power and help them achieve mastery using our highly successful online programme

Help your pupils move


  • Sure-footed beginnings
  • Discovering their learning behaviours
  • Developing a basic learning vocabulary
  • Trying out learning behaviour targets
  • Being aware of using learning behaviours
  • Beginning to believe in themselves as learners


  • Deeper solid progression
  • Exploring how learning behaviours progress
  • Expanding and deepening their learning vocabulary
  • Designing their own ‘instant habit-forming’ targets
  • Purposefully using learning behaviours to understand content
  • Having the strategies of powerful learners

How it works

The Stepping Stones series consists of three online modules, each expected to take about a term to complete. Sessions within each module can be drip-fed monthly. The modules are:

pererverance blobby man


Perseverance is key to the learning journey. It is vital that pupils are able to get to grips with the knotty emotions of learning, and can view and use them positively as aids to the journey, not as setbacks.

collaboration blobby man


At its least sophisticated, collaboration is little more than being cooperative. At its most sophisticated and complex levels it goes beyond learning ‘in a team’ and becomes learning ‘as a team’. It is an invaluable life skill.

questioning blobby man


The desire to ask questions to satisfy innate curiosity is alive and well in very young children, as any parent of a 3 year old will readily confirm! Explore how we can ensure that questioning remains alive and builds into a full blown inclination to explore and learn about the world.


The programme follows a well-tested cycle of:



An Individual Teacher Session (online) encourages teachers to think carefully about their pupils as learners, using online material at a time and place to suit them (30-45 minutes)


A Professional Learning Team Session, guided by our session framework, encourages clarification of key concepts. Convened and led by a learning champion, teachers share and discuss how they have moved their practice to incorporate learning power, consider the material introduced in the online session, and plan for their next classroom experiment.



Teachers have the opportunity for trialling new ideas in the classroom, supported by a wealth of downloadable resources, and practical hints and tips. They monitor themselves, capturing changes in their practice and its impact on children. This is shared and explored in the next team session.

Schools love it!

Demelza Higginson, Deputy Headteacher at Heathcoat Primary School, Tiverton

Staff at Heathcoat Primary School have been using Stepping Stones for two terms

“The programme is working really well. We have added a learning layer [to our teaching]…to build up these core learning habits over time. Staff have been very positive about it all.”

– Paul Trotman, Pwll Primary School

“The online sessions were great and the practical tips for teachers are really useful – we know what we should be doing to actually build learning power in our pupils”

– Scott Pitt, teacher at Heathcoat Primary School

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