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Successful Futures with BLP

The new curriculum for Wales is unapologetically ambitious and balances content with empowering students to make life choices that improve their life chances

Wales’s young people are set to become:

  • Ambitious Capable Learners
  • Healthy Confident Individuals
  • Ethical Informed Citizens
  • Enterprising Creative Contributors

BUT the challenge lies in delivery. 

Building Learning Power … nurturing both teacher and learner

  • Interprets Successful Futures for a creative, compelling, unforgettable classroom experience
  • Explores the attributes that characterise successful learners
  • Introduces a toolbox with tools and techniques that have a reputation for balancing curriculum content with the subtleties involved in strengthening learning behaviours
  • Treats learning as a journey that is available to every student
  • Invites excitement and drives learning for life

Aspiration and Ambition, its achievement open to all

Ambitious, Capable Learners committed to learning for life

Enterprising, Creative Contributors ready to play their part in the communities of tomorrow

Ethical, Informed Citizens that Wales is proud to call Welsh wherever their lives take them

Healthy, Confident Individuals adding value to society and always fulfilling their potential

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