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Dealing with stuck questionnaire

In this questionnaire there are twelve questions about how your students might react to or deal with being stuck. Look at each question carefully and think about:

  • the proportion of your students the statement applies to;
  • Don’t worry about the outliers…those who are very different to the statement in one direction or another;
  • Concentrate on the average range of students;
  • Estimate (roughly) how many of your students the statement describes.

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1.Students show no inclination to get themselves unstuck *
2.Students lack coping strategies for when they get stuck *
3.Students want to get unstuck, but need my help to do it *
4.Students can use stuck prompts but only when pointed out by me *
5.Students are developing and using their own stuck prompts *
6.Students are able to explain why they are stuck *
7.Students feel that being stuck is an interesting place to be *
8.Students make effective use of my prompting questions to find their own way forward *
9.Students are confident in taking risks with their learning *
10.Students analyse how and why they are stuck in order to move on *
11.Students relish being stuck in any situation *
12.Students are unfazed by being stuck: they have internalised all the strategies they need to move forward *

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