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The What, Why and How of Building Learning Power; Pre-training information site

Welcome to the What, Why and How of Building Learning Power  information site.

Here you will find information that will be useful to you before the What, Why and How training session. There is also an activity that we would like you to undertake before the training session. See 3 below.

1. Session programme

Here’s what will be happening during the training session


  • 9.00 Introduction and objectives
  • The What of Learning Power
  • 9.10 The Supple Learning Mind. Input
  • 9.40 What do we do when we learn? Activity
  • The How… the practice
  • 10.10 Teaching for learning. Input
  • 10.45 Coffee
  • 11.10 The how…the strategy The Core Model
  • 11.40 The building of Building Learning Power. Input and activities
  • 12.05 Examples from other schools.
  • The Why and why now
  • 12.15 Where is your culture now? Activity
  • 12.55 Recap on the big messages.
  • 1.00 Lunch

2. A video to introduce you to Building Learning Power.

For those of you who know little about Building Learning Power – here’s a short video of what it is and why it’s important. It will help you tune into the training session.

3. An activity we want you to undertake before the training session

The very best way to help your learning in the session is for you to look at your school now with a Learning Power mindset. By doing this you will begin to connect practically with what learning power is all about.

  • Download A Learning Culture Review [PDF]
    • This tool is a what we call a ‘Learning Amble’. It concerns the learning culture in classrooms
    • Take a purposeful stroll around your school with the Learning Amble and note down what you see, hear and feel. Score your findings as suggested in the tool
    • Please bring the completed tool with you to the training session together with three questions your amble has raised for you.


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