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Topic Progress:

Session agenda

This team session is the last one in Stepping Stones 2. The format has been altered to accommodate the various evidence collection and analysis that team members may have been engaged in. NB All the review tools have a slot in this agenda. Simply select the ones that team members have used.

  1. Agreeing objectives and the items to be covered (5mins)
  2. Self reflection analysis (20mins)
  3. Student voice assessment (20mins)
  4. Learning Ambles, lesson observation (20mins)
  5. Where next as a team and school? (15mins)
  6. Evaluating the meeting process (5mins)

1. Session objectives. What do we want to achieve? (5 mins)

  • Share and unpick personal reflections on the ‘what and how well’ of our changing classrooms
  • Share and analyse our students’ views
  • Develop a common understanding of what is happening in our classrooms
  • Decide the strategic issues that emerge from the various reviews
  • Plan some do-able shifts in the culture of the classroom

2. Reflecting on your changing practice: how far have I come? (20 mins)

Share everyone’s personal findings

  • People’s analysis of changes in practice using Culture Tools 1 and 2
  • People’s analysis of changes in practice using the Pentagon
  • People’s analysis of changes in practice using the 3 baskets


  • What was getting in the way?
  • What seemed difficult?
  • What would make it easier?
  • What made things work particularly well?
  • What made something successful?
  • Ways in which everyone’s behaviour has changed.

3. Giving students a voice: how well have students taken to this way of learning? What impact has it had on them? (20 mins)

Share everyone’s personal findings

  • People’s experience of talking with students about classroom culture
  • People’s reactions to and analysis of learning conversations with students

Explore impact on students

  • What are students saying about the culture of classrooms?
  • What are students saying about their growth as learners?
  • Are there links between what they are saying/doing and the analysis and reflections that you have just undertaken?
  • Are there any surprises?

4. Learning with and from colleagues: what are the variations on the learning culture theme and what can we learn from these variations? (20 mins)

Share findings from Learning Ambles and or lesson observations

  • What are the similarities and differences in cultural elements of classrooms?
  • Why might this be?
  • Which of the ideas we have seen would we each like to imitate and/or see more widely spread?
  • Which do we think should be reduced in frequency?

5 Learning together: where do we need to go next? (15 mins)

Distilling our thoughts and findings

Evaluations and reflections have focused on:

  • The extent to which our classroom culture is learning friendly
  • The extent to which we have achieved a coherent learning culture across the school
  • The extent to which our classroom experiments have impacted on student learning behaviours

Key questions

  • What are the three most important aspects of culture shift in our classrooms?
  • What are the three most important differences in how our students are as learners?
  • What are the three most important things we have learned about student talk about the learning process?

Moving forward

  • What do we need to improve still more as a school? ( cultural aspects, pupil progression in learning behaviours)
  • What will we each do next in our own classrooms?

6. Evaluate team session: How did we do as a team? (5 mins)

  • Did we achieve our objectives?
  • Are we comfortable with what we are trying to achieve?
  • Any concerns at this point?
  • Next meeting date and time.

We wish you well with your various reviews. Do let us know how they went.

Maybe you would like to write a blog about it to feature on our website for the benefit of the Building Learning Power community.


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