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Building Learning Power is about

Building Learning Power is about:

  • Helping young people become better learners
  • Developing their portable learning power
  • Preparing young people for a lifetime of learning

What is BLP based on?

  • An extensive body of research into learning and the brain
  • Recent research into the key dimensions of learning power
  • Practical trials in schools across the country
  • The pioneering work of Professor Guy Claxton, who is programme consultant, and chief inspiration, for TLO’s Building Learning Power programme

How does it work?

Building Learning Power:

  • provides a coherent picture of what it takes to be a good learner
  • capitalises on previous learning-to-learn ideas
  • grows a student’s learning character and habits
  • develops the appetite and ability to learn in different ways
  • transforms the culture of the classroom and the climate of the school
  • shifts responsibility for learning to learn from the teacher to the learner
  • engages teachers and students creatively as researchers in learning
  • gives schools the opportunity to track students’ learning power

What effect will BLP have?

  • raised achievement
  • improved behaviour
  • increased motivation
  • supple learning minds
  • increased enjoyment in learning
  • established habits of lifelong learning
  • enhanced creativity

Sounds great! Anything else?

Building Learning Power:

  • shows short-term benefits within days
  • starts small and builds firmly
  • increases motivation
  • takes time, thought, and a bit of ingenuity to perfect
  • re-energises teachers
  • works best as a whole-school strategy
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