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Putting Successful Futures into practice (Secondary)


Showcasing how you can make Successful Futures a reality in your school.
Join us at Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd, Friday 23rd November 2018

Second and subsequent places each cost £105 (plus VAT)
  • How can you ensure pupils develop a set of valuable learning habits that capture the four purposes outlined in Successful Futures?

  • What are the practical implications for the HOW of teaching?

Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd is passionate about creating ambitious, capable learners that will be enterprising, creative and confident contributors as citizens of Wales and the world.

Our goal is to produce learners that are curious, enthusiastic and innovative that can respond to the challenges of the world around them. By offering a rich and varied experience we will create resilient, innovative, balanced and reflective learners. Leaders, teachers and pupils are learning together; contributing to the journey towards making Successful Futures a reality.

Re-designing our Curriculum

Following robust self evaluation, the school has recognised an opportunity to create new Learning Programmes that use Building Learning Power to target learning differently, allowing us to develop the dispositions necessary to become effective learners together. Programmes of Learning explicitly signpost the dispositions each department will target, designing tasks that allow learners to apply their understanding, skills and learning dispositions to new contexts.

Pupils as learners

Pupils are learning about how to be learners, how to improve and develop their learning behaviours. Behaviours like perseverance, collaboration, listening, imagining, reasoning and questioning have been introduced. Children no longer see challenge as a threat because they are being equipped with the learning skills they need for life. Sixth formers have recently undertaken the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) to further deepen their understanding of themselves as learners.

Ysgol Glan Clwyd isn’t a Pioneer School but it certainly is pioneering; seeking a coherent plan to implement Successful Futures through Building Learning Power. Come and join us for a practical ‘how to’ day about making Successful Futures a reality in your school. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from teachers and children about their learning journey.

Showcase programme



Welcome and introductions



Empowering students in the new curriculum. An introduction to Learning Power.
Steve Watson, TLO Ltd



Implementing Learning Powerour learning journey so far.
Bethan Cartwright, Head Teacher Gwawr Meirion, Deputy Headteacher



Coffee break

Group A

Group B


A walk round the school
Observing how learning capacities can be grown in classroom.

Classroom Activities for developing learning power
Take part in activities designed to stretch learning behaviours.



Students talking about their learning, incl VI formers talking about their ELLI profiles…



Lunch (Cold buffet lunch)



Experiences in the classroom… an opportunity to meet and see the work developed within Departments



Repeat of 11:00 with groups swapped



Reviewing experiences and questions





A quick overview of Successful Futures; a new curriculum for Wales



Event flyer