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Learning Review Level 3

How well is learning power working for students. An evaluation of the extent to which students are making progress as learners.

Delivery: Face to face
Days: Two
Objectives: An in-depth bespoke review of the impact of learning power on students.

For schools that have been integrating learning power across the school for some time. The review enables the school to assess its progress in  establishing deep learning in the classroom and learning character in students.

Benefits for the school

The school will gain an up to date view of the quality of learning in the school together with a unique analysis of the progression in learning behaviours achieved by students. The review finding will inform further progress in improving classroom practice in enabling students to extend their independent use of learning habits.

Benefits for participants

The Learning Review is undertaken with a team of reviewers from the school. As a result they develop skills in:

  • Collecting data on learning
  • Analysing independent learning behaviours in students
  • Analysing effective teaching behaviours that promote the development of learning habits
  • Enhancing the school’s evidence collection processes

 What will we provide?

Prior to the session

  • Online access to a range of resources and required activities to be undertaken by the school before the review

During the review

  • An experienced evaluator of learning
  • Coaching for the review team selected by the school
  • Coaching for the review team selected by the school (level 1)
  • Classroom observation formats
  • Bespoke classroom observation tool
  • Access to an online tool to capture student views of themselves as learners
  • Structed interview questions
  • Structured formats for data collection of various types
  • Two days reviewing in school alongside school reviewers (level 1)

After the review

  • Collation and analysis of findings
  • Full written report of findings with recommendations for action
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