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What does being a good Link Maker involve?

A well formed Making Links habit involves being ready, willing, and able to:

  • Connect new ideas to what you know and feel already;
  • Match and categorise ideas, techniques and concepts to ones that are already understood;
  • Link ideas across different academic disciplines and in varying contexts;
  • Looking for similarities, differences, the unusual and absurd;
  • Seek novel and inventive ways of connecting apparently unconnected ideas, events or techniques.

Spot the Link Makers in your classes

Just to get you tuned in – have a quick think about ‘Link Makers you may know’. Make a note of students you know who display these characteristics.

Becoming a teacher who develops students’ learning power means developing a keen awareness of the subtleties of your students’ learning behaviours.

A Making Links lesson starter

Odd One Out

Identify four ‘things’ related to your own subject area – this could be 4 images, 4 words, 4 techniques, or anything else that links to your own subject and/or what students are currently learning about.

Invite them to identify the odd one out, and to explain why they think this.

When you can, construct lists where it is possible to justify that each of the items are, in fact, the odd one out.


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