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The What, Why and How of Building Learning Power

A day workshop for strategic leaders, investigating the validity and practicality of implementing the approach in their school.

The workshop is designed for a network, cluster or chain of schools  that is considering putting the development of learning at the heart of the schools’ approach to education. The day can also be run as an open event for schools in a locality. We advise that at least two members of the school’s senior leadership team attend.

Find out

  • If  strengthening pupils’ learning behaviours is right for your school
  • What  this really means for the school, its teachers and the children.
  • Why growing pupils’ learning habits has become essential in 21st Century education
  • How the philosophy and practice of  generating powerful learners will best fit into the schools’ learning strategy


  • Stages of developing an emphasis on learning rather than performance.
  • What an emphasis on learning  looks and feels like in classroom practice.
  • The high value learning habits of powerful learners.
  • The impact of developing the use of learning habits on pupils, teachers, schools and parents
  • The role of leaders in shifting and developing a culture for learning.

What we will provide

Prior to the session

  • Participants will have access to a range of introductory resources to think about and trial before the session. The results of such trials will be shared during the session

For the session

  • A copy of Learning to Learn – the Fourth Generation for each participant
  • A facilitator with experience in both senior leadership and learning power practice

After the session

  •  Online access to a range of resources used during the session.

The depth and challenge of what is involved in building pupils’ learning power is widely underestimated. It has to be viewed as a slow, sometimes difficult but hugely worthwhile process of culture change in schools and habit change by teachers. This workshop will give a view of this journey and why it is so worthwhile to embark upon.

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