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Stepping Stones Phase 2: Increasing the variety of learning behaviours

Who for: schools that have completed Stepping Stones Phase 1 online programme
Timescale: Approximately one year
What for: To extend the range of learning behaviours being used in classrooms. To quicken the pace of change, building on the solid start accomplished in phase 1.

 This modular on-line programme enables the school to adopt a consistent and coherent approach to developing pupils’ learning behaviours.

The second distance learning programme in TLO’s Stepping Stones series consists of nine online sessions, each expected to take about a month to put into practice. The sessions give easy to access information about one learning behaviour,  suggestions for making classrooms learning friendly and lots of activities to try out. Staff are thus armed with ideas to support their efforts to develop a learning friendly culture and apply a more forensic approach to learning. This in turn helps learners to build their own learning habits.

The effect of phase two Stepping Stones is to;

  • deepen the learning positive culture the school established in phase 1
  • step up the change process through learning teams
  • strengthen the growing expertise across the school
  • ensure a focus on a proven right track
  • build pupils’ learning character across a broader range of behaviours.

How it works

The Stepping Stones Phase 2 consists of nine online sessions, which you can space out over a year, or more. The solid foundation and understanding the school established in Stepping Stones Phase 1 means that Phase 2 can move much more quickly and you can introduce a new learning habit into classrooms each month. You can also choose which order to do the sessions in, so teams can follow their own needs and ensure best fit with their pupils’ progress.

The modules are about the learning habits of:






Making Links













Each session has four sections:

Section 1 How the learning habit develops.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.32.37 

Section 1 introduces you what the learning behaviour is about and how it might progress or build through 5 phases. Participants are asked to  plot where their pupils are now in being able to use the behaviour skilfully.

This section is offers a concise way of getting to grips with the learning behaviour and how it progresses. It’s likely to take about 20 mins to get your head around it.

Section 2 Taking the learning habit into classroom culture

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.34.11

This section invites you to think about your classroom culture and how you might shift it to making it more learning friendly for the particular learning habit. This section should take about 10 minutes.

Section 3 Teaching for learning


This section offers; ideas for lesson starters/quick wins; classroom activities; learning reflection tools; ideas for the appropriate learning language for each phase  progression in the learning habit. You are likely to browse in this section for about 30 minutes in preparation for the team meeting.


Section 4 Team reflection and planning

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.42.00
The final section gives a skeleton plan for the Professional Learning Team session (usually undertaken about a week after the individual online sessions) It includes downloadable enquiry question and planning formats. In team sessions you are invited to share the impact of your experiments with colleagues, discuss the online materials, and plan how you might use these to change your classroom practice. All the activities are designed to help you bring the learning behaviour into active use in the classroom. The section also includes a range of indicators that you could start looking for to begin to measure the impact of teacher development across the school The team sessions are timed to last about 75 minutes.


Review and Renew day

The on-line programme can be packaged with a consultancy day to review your progress over Phase 1 and give renewed focus for moving into Phase 2, considering which modules might be best to visit first. No INSET required.

  • Morning session with SLT including observations in classrooms, talking with children and taking soundings from staff. This session aims to review the impact of Stepping Stones Phase 1 on both teachers and learners. The afternoon session will be spent with the Professional Learning Team leaders to evaluate the rigour and effectiveness of the team sessions from Phase 1. The twilight session for all staff will feedback on their progress and give an overview of what they can expect in Phase 2.

This format does not require an in-service training day.

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