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Welcome to the session 9 of the online programme: Stepping Stones Phase 2

This module is designed to help you to review your progress in developing a learning friendly culture and your pupils as better learners.

It invites you to use a rich variety of tools and techniques to help you estimate the effect and impact of changing your practice. This review will provide you with relevant information on which to base your approach in the next phase of building your students’ learning powers.

Work through sections 1 – 5 where you will consider:

  1. Reflecting on your changing practice Looking at what you have done and how your classroom culture has changed, and the extent to which student learning behaviours have developed. This section answers the question “How far have you come?”
  2. Giving students a voice Finding out how your students have benefited. This section answers the questions “To what extent have students discerned a culture shift in classrooms and to what extent to they perceive that they are becoming more effective learners ?”
  3. Learning with and from colleagues Learning from learning walks and observations. This section answers the question “Which learning behaviours / cultures are evident in classrooms?”
  4. Team session: Learning together Putting your heads together and thinking “what next?” This team session answers the questions “How are we doing, how are our students doing and where do we need to go next?”
Within the sections of this session we have offered a number of different ways in which you might reflect on your changing practice and collect evidence to support or question your views. We don’t expect you to use all of these tools – time would prohibit this. However, we suggest you look at all the ideas and consult with other members of your team before deciding which tools to select.


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