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What does being a good collaborator involve?

What does being a good collaborator involve?

If you have well formed collaborating habit you will be ready, willing, and able to:

  • Work effectively with others towards common goals;
  • Seek to understand what others are saying;
  • Share, challenge, support and build on ideas;
  • Adopt different roles and responsibilities in pursuit of team goals;
  • Act responsibly with initiative, and perseveres in the face of difficulties;
  • Hold and express opinions coherently, compromises and adapts to circumstances when appropriate.

Spotting the collaborators in your classes

Just to get you tuned in – have a quick think about ‘Collaborators you may know’. Make a note of students you know who display these characteristics.

Becoming a teacher who develops students’ learning power means developing a keen awareness of the subtleties of your students’ learning behaviours. What you are trying to do is to help them to help themselves to get better at using these behaviours.

What do you think?

  • How many of your students come to mind when looked at through the lens of collaboration?
  • Is there a gender balance or have you noted down more girls than boys or vice versa?
  • Are the students you have noted from across all age groups or do some dominate?
  • How do these collaborative characteristics help these students to be better learners?

Make a note of…Little_r

  • Those groups or classes that seem to have lots of good collaborative characteristics.
  • How you think you might capitalise on this.

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