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Consultancy and Coaching Visits. Taking Stock: Moving On

A consultancy visit designed to assess the school’s progress in their learning power journey, resolve challenges and help plan for the next phase.

How will the school benefit?

Our consultancy and coaching visits will:

  • Ensure the school is aware of its progress in shifting the school culture.
  • Maintain the school’s focus on and commitment to deepening learning throughout the school.
  • Build capacity amongst learning coaches.

What does Taking stock: Moving On support include?

  • An in-depth review tool for the school to download and use prior to the visit
  • Initial analysis, questioning and checking of the school’s self evaluation of learning power progress
  • Needs analysis discussion with the leadership team
  • Tailored training support for in-school learning coaches.
  • An outline plan for the next steps in the school’s development

What will TLO provide?

Before the consultancy

  • Access to an in depth review tool which the school should use before the visit
  • A highly experienced consultant with well developed coaching skills

After the visit

  • Access to a range of material to support specific aspects of developing learning power in the school

Further Information

Schools that have successfully embedded learning power into their practice have particularly benefited from the support and challenge of a long-term coaching relationship.

Taking Stock: Moving On is best undertaken as the school moves from phase one to phase two of their learning journey.

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