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Leading a Learning Powered School

One-day consultancy workshop for senior leaders as schools they begin their engagement in building students’ learning power. It explores the strategic implications of developing a learning powered school.

How will the school benefit?

The consultancy assists leaders to develop a strategic plan for developing a learning powered culture throughout the school. It aims to maximise the school’s investment in the approach.

How will participants benefit?

The workshop enables participants to:

  • Recognise and test how the philosophy of Learning Power will affect the whole school
  • Unpick the range of strategic aspects of making learning power successful across the school
  • Appreciate their role in leading and managing the culture change in the school
  • Consider and prepare for key developmental changes and the policies and strategies that will ensure success.

What does the content include?

  • The core model and principles of Building Learning Power
  • Stages of development in implementing learning power
  • Leading and managing culture change
  • How a school becomes a learning organisation
  • Power for CPD approaches for changing teachers’ habits in the classroom
  • Policies to underpin learning power throughout the school
  • The ‘how’ of keeping the approach under review through classroom observation
  • Keeping the approach under review

What will TLO provide?

Prior to the session

  • Online access to The Learning Focused School: A Self Reflection Tool. Completion of this tool prior to the workshop will add valuable bespoke content to the day.

During the session

  • An experienced coach/facilitator and a range of material
  • A booklet of resources for each team member to use during the day
  • A copy of The Learning Powered School .

After the session

  • Participants will retiain access to the Building Learning Power membership site.

Further Information

  • This consultancy workshop can be run for members of one school’s leadership team or for SLT representatives from a network or cluster of schools involved in BLP.
  • To ensure ease of transfer of the ideas into the school, we recommend that at least two SLT members from each school attend.
  • Participants should bring along their school’s vision, CPD policy and current classroom observation schedules.

The depth and challenge of what is involved in building students’ learning power is widely underestimated. It has to be viewed as a slow, sometimes difficult but hugely worthwhile process of culture change in schools and habit change by teachers. This workshop aims to give strategic leaders a guided opportunity to prepare and plan for that worthwhile journey.

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