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Building Learning Habits: Online start

Who for? Schools new to Learning Power where face to face start-ups are not possible, e.g. schools overseas, or tiny schools.
When? Any day of the year! (no In-service day required)
What for? Introduce senior leaders and staff to the principles, frameworks and first step classroom practices of building powerful learners. Enabling staff to hit the ground running when they begin the subsequent online programme.
Online resource pack: 
 Senior leaders consider strategic implications of the approach. Staff explore the big frameworks and classroom practice of Building Learning Power.
AND…Online programme: 
Learning Habits in a Nutshell for all staff, containing a good year’s worth of content.

Benefits of this blended learning programme for the school

Our blended learning programmes are guided by best practice thinking in professional development.  This means we blend online information with in-school learning teams. Our researched information comes to you online. You  discuss and explore it in learning teams across the school. Teachers then plan, use and share the changes they want to make in their classrooms. This way of learning together organises a consistent school-wide approach to developing students’ learning behaviours and:

  • Shifts the culture of the school to becoming more learning friendly
  • Focuses learning teams on a gradual change process
  • Builds expertise right across the school
  • Ensures the school STARTS and STAYS on a proven right track
  • Ensures you build better learners RIGHT not LITE
  • Organises professional development activities throughout a year
  • Scaffolds in-house training, saving cover costs for external courses
  • Has a far greater impact on classroom practice than traditional staff development activity.

The online input blended programme includes; 

First Steps, the online start-up training package.

The purpose of this online pack of resources is to unpack the big picture frameworks of the learning power approach, introduce some practical start-up ideas and suggest strategies to keep the approach alive. There is enough background information and exercises to prepare senior leaders, learning champions and staff to make best use of the deeper ideas introduced in the accompanying Learning Habits in a Nutshell online course. 

Everyone in the school is signed up to the online package so its content is available to everyone, any time, anywhere. It will serve not only today’s staff but those who join next year and thereafter.

The resources ensure leaders:

  • Build their confidence in how to lead a complex change programme
  • Have enough resources to confidently explore the ideas with staff
  • Understand why the subsequent online programme [Learning Habits in a Nutshell] has to be blended with in-school teacher learning communities to ensure changes in classroom practice
  • Have enough resources to ensure learning friendly classrooms remain active into the future….not a fizzling-out one year wonder

The resource ensures staff:

  • Feel confident that the approach is relevant, worthwhile and manageable
  • Feel prepared to take on the deeper learning from the Learning Habits in a Nutshell online modules
  • Are clear about the purpose and value of learning in Professional Learning Teams
  • Have enough material to make a practical start on shifting their classroom to having a more learning friendly culture

First Steps start up package consists of five online modules

Modules 1 & 5  are written for senior leaders and consider the strategic change management issues for taking on and sustaining this innovation.

Modules 2 & 3 are written for all staff and explain the framework of learning habits for better learning and how these can be developed in the classroom.

Module 4 explores the online and team learning aspects of the Learning Habits in a Nutshell blended learning programme and how to ensure the programme works effectively for the school.

Together these modules make for a very cost effective DIY start to the school’s learning journey.


Book bundle

One copy per participant of …

Building Learning Power

Learning to Learning – The fourth generation

Resource book of materials for each of the training days

Learning Habits in a Nutshell, online training package

The online material is designed to be used by individual teachers and in-school teams. Used as an isolated online course it will have a limited effect in the school. Used in conjunction with learning teams it will effectively support a coherent and consistent impact on classroom practice

Teachers are requested to peruse the selected material and prepare their thoughts before attending a team meeting. Teams may be departmental teams or voluntary teacher learning community type teams. Such teams are facilitated by lead practitioners who have attended the two day training (see above). They act as coaches, nudging  colleagues through the development of action plans (to try out the ideas), the noting the impact and sharing this information at the next team meeting. The point here is to support teachers in putting these practical ideas rapidly into classroom use.

The benefits

Nutshell module content provides:

  • useful examples of proven classroom material relevant to all curriculum areas
  • descriptions what each well-formed learning habit looks like
  • understanding of a common language for learning across the school
  • opportunities for teachers to generate their own ideas and teaching material 
  • analysis tools to help teachers estimate their current learning cultures
  • a range of success criteria to keep a lookout for

Staff benefits

Nutshell modules plus learning teamwork ensure that  teachers:

  • become enthusiastic leaders of their students learning
  • are committed to approaches that are relevant, worthwhile and manageable
  • can adopt learning behaviours at their own pace
  • adapt their classroom climate to encourage learning habit formation
  • adapt their lesson designs to ensure effective use of learning habits
  • engage students to reflect on their use of learning habits
  • experience and share in the rapid impact this approach has on their students’ learning and engagement
  • enjoy their teaching even more

And students?

  • find classroom activities engaging and interesting
  • understand how best to learn and become leaders of their own learning
  • become less dependent on their teachers to provide them with answers and solutions
  • are better equipped for examinations as well as the challenges they will meet after school
  • become more self-aware as learners
  • become more independent as learners
  • increase their motivation and enjoyment
  • develop learning habits for life….if you keep this way of working going.

The Nutshell modules

There are fifthteen modules in total: the first module Strategic issues and coaching notes is designed to help team leaders and senior leaders make best use of the materials. . The culture of Building Learning Power  introduces teachers to the idea of learning friendly cultures and helps them to analyse their current classroom culture. The following 12 modules  each cover one of the twelve essential learning behaviours and can be undertaken in any order. Teams might start with those learning behaviours that fit particularly snuggly with their subject before extending the range of behaviours as they gain confidence The final module provides teachers and the school with ways of assessing the progress made to date.

Each module follows the same easy-to-follow format, aiding common understanding and common approaches looking at:

  • Classroom climate – routines, relationships and values
  • Teaching for learning – practical activities to build learning into classroom tasks
  • Teacher talk – using the  learning language to nudge progress

This blended learning programme will enable the school to make a significant coherent start on building their students learning behaviours. 


The culture of
Building Learning

Making learning visible

Strategic issues
and coaching notes


Building Making Links


Building Imagining


Building Resourcing


Building Me-Learning


Building Noticing

collaboration blobby man

Building Collaboration


Building Questioning


Building Perseverance


Building Planning


Building Listening


Building Revising


Building Reasoning

2000px-Magnifying_glass_icon_mgx2.svg Reviewing our progress


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