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Learning Habits in a Nutshell – Phase 1

Delivery: Online
Timescale: A years worth of online material
Objectives: enable lead teachers to train colleagues so that they can put learning habits rapidly into their classrooms.

For schools familiar with the theory and practice of what it means to be a Learning Powered School and have had training to get then started. This programme stimulates momentum and ensures impact.

The online material enables lead teachers to act as coaches, developing other colleagues through practical hands-on experience and a wealth of ideas so that they can put teaching with learning in mind rapidly into their classrooms.

How will the school benefit?

Nutshell modules

  • Provide useful examples of proven classroom material relevant to all curriculum areas
  • Build expertise across the school through guided sessions that stimulate teachers to generate their own ideas and material for teaching with learning in mind
  • Ensure that teams secure their understanding of learning habits and behaviours
  • Establish team enthusiasm for refreshing student motivation and learning power
  • Secure a common language for learning across the school

How will staff benefit?

Nutshell modules ensure that all teachers

  • Become enthusiastic leaders of their students learning
  • Are committed to approaches that are relevant, worthwhile and manageable
  • Can adopt learning behaviours at their own pace
  • Develop more creative ideas of their own
  • Experience and share in the rapid impact this has on their students’ learning and engagement
  • Enjoy their teaching even more

And students?

  • Find classroom activities engaging and interesting
  • Understand how best to learn and become leaders of their own learning
  • Become less dependent on their teachers to provide them with answers and solutions
  • Are better equipped for examinations as well as the challenges they will meet after school

The Nutshell modules

There are thirteen modules in total: the first, Strategic issues and coaching notes for learning champions, helps learning champions make the best use of the Nutshells material.

The others each cover one of the twelve essential learning behaviours.

12 Learning Behaviour Modules:

  • The emotional aspects of learning are covered in
    • Perseverance and Noticing
  • The cognitive aspects of learning are covered in
    • Questioning, Making Links, Imagining, Reasoning and Resourcing Learning (Capitalising).
  • The social aspects of learning are covered in
    • Collaborating and Listening.
  • The strategic aspects of learning are covered in
    • Planning, Revising, and Me Learning (Meta-learning).

Each module follows the same easy-to-follow format, aiding common understanding and common approaches through:

  • Exploring student behaviours
  • Considering classroom culture
  • Trying practical activities
  • Adapting learning language to nudge progression
  • Easily adopted ideas that bring immediate results
  • A focus on how teachers can change the climate of the classroom with learning in mind

Teams might start with those habits that fit particularly snuggly with their subject before extending the range as they gain confidence.

Which schools will benefit from these modules?

  • Schools that are familiar with the theory and practice of what it means to be a Learning Powered school and are ready to move these ideas forward. (Not there yet? Take a look at some of our introductory materials here)

How can I buy this material?

  • Buying the full set of modules will provide every department with guidance on developing subject-linked learning behaviours. Each subject team can then decide where to start and how to proceed.

Who can access and use the material once we’ve bought it?

  • On purchase we will register the names of all teachers onto the Nutshells programme so it can be used throughout the school
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