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Consultancy and Coaching Visits

Bespoke consultancy and coaching to enhance and guide development.

How will the school benefit?

Our consultancy and coaching visits will:

  • Ensure that the school maintains its focus on and commitment to deepening learning throughout the school
  • Build capacity amongst all staff
  • Deepen and expand understanding of learning power.

What does this support include?

The consultant/coach can provide:

  • Bespoke support and challenge to the school, responding to specific needs in an individual way
  • Initial and ongoing needs analysis with the leadership team
  • Tailored training to support and challenge personnel at all levels within the school

For example: We have coached staff teams in the design and delivery of enquiry based learning and compelling learning experiences for specific groups of students.

  • Coaching for individuals and groups within the school

For example: We have spent two or three consecutive days in a school coaching a wide range of individual staff and teams, thereby avoiding disruption to teaching timetables. Each coaching session is personalised to specific needs.

  • A coherent medium- to long-term staff development programme
  • Regular reviews in response to changing circumstances
  • Motivation and commitment for advanced development.

What will TLO provide?

  • A highly experienced consultant with well-developed coaching skills
  • A range of material to support any aspect of developing learning power in the school
  • Extensive networking opportunities with other partners across the UK

Further Information

  • Schools that have successfully embedded learning power into their practice have particularly benefited from the support and challenge of a long-term coach.
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