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Learning Habits: At a Glance cards


Delivery: Online
Days: n/a
Timescale: Up to one year
Objectives: Twelve double-sided A3 cards, available as a digital download (pdf), to help teachers infuse the learning power habits into their teaching.

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A quick introduction to the basic ideas, language and initial classroom practice of developing key learning behaviours in students.

Use the cards to;

  • Embed learning behaviours in your classroom.
  • Review classroom culture.
  • Deepen understanding of the learning behaviours.
  • Introduce new staff to building students as powerful learners.

The resource will also help you find out:

  • Students’ learning behaviours –  whether they are alive and well or not
  • Students’ understanding of how to be a successful learner – whether students have a clue about the links between learning habits and success in learning.


  • Collaborating
  • Revising
  • Noticing
  • Making links
  • Resourcing Learning (Capitalising)
  • Me Learning (Meta-learning)

Each card covers a key learning habit, with information about what the habit looks like when it’s being used in a well-formed way, useful lesson starters and classroom activities to encourage use of the habit, and teacher talk to help develop each habit. The features of a conducive classroom climate to nurture the habit, and the basics of progression in each habit are also included.

Print as many as you need when you need them

As downloadable PDFs, you can print off as many copies as you like, whenever you need them. No more coffee stains or incomplete sets. The PDF files can also be put on your school’s intranet for teachers to access electronically – instant and simple.

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