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2. A classroom culture for Noticing

Building students’ Learning Power is about creating a culture in your classrooms – that systematically cultivates habits and attitudes that enable your students learn confidently and face difficulty calmly, and creatively. By a ‘culture’ we mean all the little habits, routines and practices that implicitly convey ‘what we believe and value round here’.

So ‘culture’ concerns the details of the micro-climate that you create in your classrooms. What you do and say, what you notice and commend and what you don’t, what kind of role model of a learner you offer: all these are of the essence. The micro-climate of a classroom can inadvertently stifle or, specifically enhance, the very behaviours you are seeking to promote.

Does my classroom climate encourage Noticing?

Here is a selection of features that might begin to shape the emotional climate of your classroom to encourage noticing.

The diagram has 4 sections:

  • Top – strategies you could build into the way you teach to stimulate noticing;
  • Right – indications of the sort of language you might use to stimulate noticing;
  • Bottom – ways in which you might celebrate / praise students’ use of noticing;
  • Left – things that you need to enable students to do.

Apply your own noticing and consider whether you already use any of these features and which you fancy trying.

Download as a pdf

What do you think?

  • Which of the ‘build’ ideas (top) are already features of your teaching?
  • Which of the ‘talk’ prompts (right) do you regularly use when talking about noticing?
  • Which of the ‘celebrate’ ideas (bottom) are already in evidence your classroom?
  • Which of the ‘enable’ behaviours (left) are you intentionally enabling in your classroom?

Make a note of…Little_r

  • Any ideas that look as if they might help your students to become better at noticing.
  • An idea that you want to start doing.
  • An idea that interests you, but you are uncertain what it means or how you might do it.

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