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6. Team reflection and planning

This section offers a framework for supporting a productive Teacher Learning Community

If you are undertaking this unit alone and are not part of a Teacher Learning Community structure, please move on to Section 7.

Teacher learning communities have the potential to provide you, as teachers and support staff, with the information and support you need to develop your practice in deep and lasting ways. They provide a forum for supporting you in converting the information and ideas in the online learning sessions into “lived” practices within your specific subjects and classrooms. They provide a safe forum in which to;

  • kick around ideas from the online content,
  • unpack it’s meaning when it’s unclear,
  • consider what’s do-able and appropriate for your pupils
  • make plans for what and how you might incorporate the ideas into your practice
  • share and unpack what you have tried in the classroom
  • relate your triumphs and tribulations
  • support colleagues through changes in practice
  • reflect on what you hope you might do, or have done, differently

 The format of the agenda is based on research into teacher learning communities by Dylan Wiliam, of Assessment for Learning (AfL) fame. Teacher learning communities are the engines of teacher development. 

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