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7. Move your practice on

This section is for those teachers who are undertaking this unit alone and are not part of a Teacher Learning Community structure.

Cultivating learning habits ultimately involves:

  • Providing rich and varied occasions for exercising learning habits
  • Infusing learning habits into lessons to enhance content understanding
  • Recognising and celebrating the use and growth of learning habits
  • Expecting students to take ownership of and responsibility for their own learning habits
  • Exploring the development of learning habits with students over time

As a teacher you are an influential character builder and so need to be mindful of how you help students form, replace, re-form and strengthen their learning habits.

But don’t worry you are not expected to be there yet. It takes most teachers between 2 and 3 years to become really fluent with this way of teaching. So, go easy on yourself. Feel determined because small steps often prove to be big levers for change. Have a think about what you might do…


What to stop and start

Here are a few ideas you might want to try. Take it steady, this way of teaching can be a big but exciting shift so it’s worth doing it slowly and thoughtfully.

Look first at the Stop/avoid ideas. Some of these are far from trivial but it’s best to try to remove them before starting on the Start/do more of, Start slowly and Experiment with ideas.

Start-stop_ noticing_v3

What do you think?

  • Which of the ideas appealed to you most?
  • Can you see ways of incorporating these into your subject/class routines?
  • Which would make the biggest difference to your students?
  • Which would make your life easier?

Make a note of…Little_r

  • Ideas that you want to try and the impact you hope they will have on your teaching and on your students.

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